Minnesota Reading Association

Past Presidents





1955-57           Dr. Victor L. Lohmann, St. Cloud State Teachers College                            Deceased        

1957-59           Dr. Alton Raygor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis                             Deceased

1959-61           Mr. Dean Berry, St. Louis Park Public Schools, Macalaster College Deceased

1961-62           Dr. Bruce Balow, University of Minnesota, Duluth                                       Deceased

1962-63           Miss Dorothy Smith, University of Minnesota, Duluth                                 Deceased


1963-64           Mr. Leonard Martinetto, Hopkins Public Schools, (not well)                        Retired



1964-65           Miss Eleanor Campbell, St. Cloud State Teachers College                            Deceased

1965-66           Miss Bernice Gordon, Edina Public Schools                                                  Deceased

1966-67           Miss Dorothy Johnson, Concordia College, Moorhead                                  Deceased


1967-68                      Dr. Margaret Sloan, Rochester Public Schools,                                              Retired


1968-69                      Dr. Jean Turner Goins, North St. Paul-Maplewood Schools                          Deceased

1969-70           Dr. Vernon Simula, University of Minnesota, Duluth                                    Deceased


1970-71           Miss Verlie Sather, Winona State Teachers College (age 91 in 2005)            Retired


1971-72           Dr. Victoria Jacobson, Roseville Public Schools               Retired           


1972-73           Mr. Duane Googins, St. Anthony Park Public Schools        


1973-74           Dr. Hal Dreyer, Mankato State Teachers College                                          Retired


1974-75           Mrs. Laverne Grasmoen-Olsen, Red Wing Public Schools                            Retired           


1975-76           Mrs. Ann Erickson, St.Peter Public Schools                                                   Retired


1976-77           Dr. Robert Schreiner, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis                        Deceased


1977-78           Mrs. Leona Classen, University of Minnesota, Morris                                   Retired           

1978-79           Mr. Howard Murray, Moorhead Public Schools                                            Retired


1979-80           Mrs. Lorrayne Traut, St. Agnes School, Osakis                                             Retired           

1980-81           Mrs. Dorothy Smith, Owatonna Public Schools                                             Retired

1981-82           Dr. Gretchen Starks Martin, St. Cloud state University, Academic Learning Center,

1982-83Miss Peg O’Shaughnessy, Minneapolis Public Schools                                Retired


1983-84           Sr. Mary Donald Miller, Catholic Schools, Mankato                                     Active


1984-85           Miss Kathleen Cahill, Reading First Grant Specialist,                                   Active

1985-86                      Dr. Leslie W. Crawford, John H. Lounsbury School of Education,              Retiring


1986-87           Dr. Lowell Eberwein, Southwest State University, Marshall                         Retired

1987-88           Mrs. Charmaine Swenson, Milaca Public Schools                                          Retired

1988-89           Miss Mary Topp, Mankato Public Schools                                                     Retired


1989-90           Ms. Beverly Anderson, Private Consultant                                                    Retired



1990-91           Mrs. Carol Kelley, Duluth Public Schools                                                      Retired



1991-92           Mrs. Evelyn Guentzel, Austin Public Schools                                                Retired


1992-93           Mrs. Bonnie Martinson, Anoka Public Schools                                              Retired


1993-94           Mrs. Phyllis Brady, Blaine Public Schools                                                     Retired


1994-95           Dr. Doris Walker Dalhouse, Moorhead State University                               Active


1995-96           Dr. Janet NucklesWatt, Maplewood Public Schools                                      Retired


1996-97           Ms. Michelle Bowker, Duluth Public Schools                                                Active


1997-98           Dr. Thomas Sherman, Winona State University                                             Active


1998-2000       Mrs. Nugget Fields,  Kasson Public School                                                   Active

2000-2001       Jacqueline Walz, St. Peter and Paul School, Richond, MN                           Active


2001-2002       Mr. James W. Nelson, Life Skills Clinic                                                         Active


2002-2003       Dr. Lucia Schroeder, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL                   Active


2003-2004       Ms. Bobbie Douglas Gale, Osseo Public Schools, U. of MN, Mpls               Active


2004-2006       Mrs. Terri Betlewski, Duluth Public Schools                                                Active

2006-2007       Eva Boehm, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis                                       Active

2007-2008       Anne Redfern, Minnetonka Public Schools                                                   Active


2008-2009       Maurna Rome, Ogilvie Public School                                                 Active


2009-2010       Ilene (Rutten) Christian, St. Cloud State University

2010-2011       Julie Scullen, Anoka Hennepin Schools

2011-2012        Scott Voss, Apple Valley High School

2012-2013       Jen McCarty Plucker, Rosemount-AV- Eagan Schools

2013-2014       Jessica Crooker

2014-2105       Debra Peterson, University of Minnesota


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