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Dr. Jillian Maxe


Vice President
Sarah Haskett-Rutledge

Beth Flottmeier


Neva Stoebner


Sue Braithwaite


Member at Large

Maurna Rome maurnarome@gmail.com

Past President
Kathryn Fox

Thank you for making our Lucy Calkins event a success!!! Please watch for future events soon!

Twin Cities Area Reading Council (TCARC)

Proudly Presents

Lucy Calkins!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Please join TCARC for a wonderful and rare opportunity to spend a day with our honored guest, Lucy Calkins, Founding Director of The Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University. Lucy will share a foundational presentation entitled, A Fast-Paced Intensive Overview of the Writing Workshop. Lucy’s expertise, wisdom, and leadership have provided amazing impact and solid grounding for the literacy profession. You will walk away with an overview of Writers Workshop and many practical ideas to incorporate into daily literacy work! 

7:30am-8:15am - Sign-in, Continental Breakfast, Conversations with Lucy, Book Sales

8:15am-12:45pm - Welcome, Presentation, Closing

Space is Limited! Register Now!


Lucy Calkins' Heinemann Book Sales with Tracey Kubitz!


Door Prizes!

Heinemann and Minnesota Reading Association (MRA) will join with TCARC to provide books, instructional kits, memberships, and gift cards as door prizes.

Presentation Focus: Grades 2-6.  Open to ALL levels of education and administration.


Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center
11411 Masonic Home Drive
Bloomington, MN 55437

Nearby Accommodations

Register at: mra.onefireplace.org/

Parking is limited! Please carpool if possible!

* PLEASE NOTE: We are very excited about the Lucy Calkins event coming up in one week - and we are excited to meet you! Registrants, please watch for a detailed email next week with important information.

REMINDER: Doors open for registration and continental breakfast at 7:30am. Event begins at 8:15 in the auditorium.

To plan ahead, please consider making plans to carpool, if possible, or perhaps park at a nearby location and carpool from there with colleagues. Parking is limited.

NEW!! WAITLIST: There are only a few seats left for the Lucy Calkins event! If registration is full, please join the waitlist. If current registrants have not paid, more seats may open very soon. We are also looking for ways to add seating or allow for "standing room." Please CHECK BACK or watch for an email from us!

EXTRA BONUS! The Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center (our venue) is generously offering our Lucy Calkins event registrants a group discounted rate of $44 per person for the Lorie Line concert the evening of April 22! Our venue cost is largely underwritten by the Lorie Line evening concert. Lorie Line event information:  http://www.masonicheritagecenter.org/

If you are interested, please register at Lorie Line and enter promotion code: Reading (case sensitive) or contact Keir Johnson directly: (952) 948-6505 or Keir.johnson@mnmasonic.org

President: Dr. Jillian Y. Maxe
Vice President: Sarah Haskett-Rutledge
Secretary: Beth Flottmeier
Treasurer: Neva Stoebner
Membership/Communications: Susan Braithwaite
Member At Large: Maurna Rome
Past President: Kathy Fox

Twitter: Follow @TCReadCouncil

 Twin Cities Area Reading Council Blog:


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Upcoming events

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