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We are so glad you "stopped by"! Welcome to our new members! We are excited to share our TCARC 2018-2019 upcoming collaborative literacy opportunities! Please see details below and check the website links for registration information or for additional details.

We hope to see you soon!

Happy reading!

Jill Maxe, TCARC President and the TCARC Board


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Sponsored by TCARC and Scholastic!

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https://shop.scholastic.com/shop/en/teacherstore/product/The-Next-Step-Forward-in-Guided-Reading-and-The-Guided-Reading-Teachers-Companion-9781338163681              Related image       

The Next Step Forward in Reading Intervention

MARCH 9, 2019 - Save the Date - Jan Richardson!


Jan Richardson will join us next spring on March 9, 2019, for a wonderful event on What to do When Kids Just Don't Get It: Prompting for Comprehension During Guided Reading. She will also provide an overview of her new book:The Next Step Forward in Reading Intervention! 

Audience: K-6

Please note: Registration will open after our November 10th event.   




   Understanding Texts & Readers

Dear Jen Serravallo Event Registrants,

Recently, I was in communication with Jen Serravallo regarding the potential of her returning to present for TCARC in the future. We are on her waitlist - and if you haven't seen or heard, her new book is now available! She shared the following message for YOU! 

"Would you mind sharing theNEW BOOKwith those who attended and let them know the stuff I talked about is in there if they’d like to read more?" ~ Jen Serravallo

Here is the information! Enjoy! 

Understanding Texts & Readers

Understanding Texts & Readers 

Responsive Comprehension Instruction with Leveled Texts

By Jennifer Serravallo 

Understanding Texts & Readers helpsyou take the next step from Jen's Reading Strategies Book. She connects her comprehension goals to text levels and readers' responses. As you learn more about how comprehension works over a range of texts, you'll find text complexity simpler, clarify comprehension, and make great book matches, as you choose just-right strategies to share with readers. Learn more: How Understanding Texts & Readers Can Help (PDF) Read Full Description below »

Minnesota Elementary School Principal Association (MESPA) Literacy Academy 

Participants will meet the following dates:

Thursday, October 11
Friday, October 12
Friday, November 16
Friday, December 14

This 7th annual 4-day academy with literacy consultants Bonnie Houck and Sandi Novak focuses on the power of literacy classroom visits and interpreting data, and is highly beneficial to school administrators, teachers, and reading specialists.

Event Information and Registration

Contact Rachel Dillon for a special MRA DISCOUNT CODE to receive the MESPA member rate for any MRA member who attends the training!

Rachel Dillon


Program & Operations Manager
Minnesota Elementary School Principals' Association



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Vice President: Beth Flottmeier

Secretary: Maurna Rome

Treasurer: Neva Stoebner

Membership & Communications: 

Member at Large: Sarah Haskett-Rutledge

Member at Large: Susan Braithwaite

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Dr. Jillian Maxe, President
Beth Flottmeier, Vice President
Maurna Rome, Secretary
Neva Stoebner, Treasurer
Sarah Haskett-Rutledge, Member at Large
Susan Braithwaite, Member at Large

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